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Facebook Ads

Your business can’t afford to not to be on Facebook. It’s an ideal platform for engaging with customers where they already spend time online.

I Can Help You With

Facebook Ads Management

This package is designed to run a successful ad campaign and to work on a month-to-month basis. It includes:

  • Developing an advertising strategy based on your Goals, Content, and Targeting.
  • Digital Tracking implementation.
  • Building your Content Library.
  • Creation and testing of targeted audiences based on the demographics, interests, interaction with your assets and much more.
  • Facebook/Instagram/Messenger ads set-up.
  • Ongoing campaigns support and optimization.
  • Weekly reporting and support.

Pricing is based on the monthly ad spend and starts at $900/month. Contact me for more information.

Facebook Ads Training

I will train you (or one person in your team) in the basics of Facebook advertising so you could set up, manage and support your ads in-house. Training includes:

  • Basic Pixel and Digital Tracking implementation.
  • Building your Content Library.
  • Creation and testing of target audiences.
  • Facebook/Instagram/Messenger ads set up.
  • Ongoing campaigns support and optimization.
  • Weekly Skype calls.

Contact me for more information.

Power Hour

During Power Hour, we can:

  • Work on your Facebook advertising strategy, based on your Goals, Content and Targeting.
  • Analyze your existing campaigns and look for the areas that might be improved.
  • Work on your first advertising campaigns and set it live.

Or, you can simply tap into my experience running profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

Price – $99.

I Can’t Help You With

Landing Page Creation
Content Creation
Community Management


Hi there!

I am dedicated to getting your business’ name out there. So many people have a great business idea but have no sustainable way to attract interest from potential customers. This is where I intend to help you.

For 6 years now, I have been trying to figure out the best way to market and advertise in the digital era. My sales and optimization background only furthered my interest in this field. I have dissected many methods of advertising in the current global landscape, and I firmly believe that digital marketing is the best option.

I am lucky to be working with BlitzMetrics, one of the best agencies in the industry. This opportunity enabled me to gain experience with a diverse myriad of businesses on the world stage. I have also worked alongside public figures, startups, SMBs, large corporations and professional sports teams.

My eclectic experience has taught me that regardless of your business size or advertising budget – 90% of your success boils down to the right strategy and thorough execution.

Get in touch and I will be happy to share my experience with you.

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